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Secured Data Partnered with Infosec Institute as SecurityIQ authorized partner


Secured Data Est. now provides the Security Awareness training for organizations aiming to promote their employee IT security knowledge and awareness. SecurityIQ was praised in Gartner MQ 2017 report.

 Oct 2018



Secured Data Attended PC3000 Training in Prague, Czech Republic

The PC-3000 is a must-have product for every successful data recovery business, as it is the most comprehensive and reliable professional data recovery technology that has ever existed in the world. Therefore, Secured Data decided to extend its data recovery services to include PC-3000 which is the best for NAND and SSD data problems.

May 2016

Secured Data Presentation at 5th Royal Scientific Society (NSQAC) Conference in Amman - Jordan

Amman ConferenceAmman Conference

We received an invitation to participate in this conference which deals with software testing, quality assurance, and security. Hani Felemban presented Data Recovery Imaging vs Forensic Imaging which was well received by the audience and highly appreciated by them.



Oct 7th, 2015

Case: Malfunctioned HDD with Bitlocker Disk Encryption

Secured Data received a case of hardware failed HDD (WD 320GB 2.5 SATA). The HDD was not functioning at all and was encrypted by Bitlocker. The customer wanted his personal mailbox plus his documents.

The process was first to fix the HDD and then trying to decrypt the disk using the Bitlocker key provided by the customer.

The HDD PCB was check and normal sound, signs of burn or damage noticed. DDI software was tried to test read the HDD but failed unfortunately.

Secured Data HDD data recovery expert was able to return the HDD to life after several tasks of changing the head and other hardware. 70% of the HDD data was recovered and HDD imaged for further software data recovery which was successfully completed.

Aug 21, 2015